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Mintiml paving mould

Mintiml paving mould

Mintiml paving mould

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Let your garden path have a beautiful pattern so that the road is no longer rigid!


  • Suitable for gardens, meadows, balconies, villas, and more.

  • Easy to operate, ladies and children can also DIY their own garden.

  • It can be used repeatedly or multiple times at the same time until all the roads have been completed.

  • It is possible to make roads of different colors, and it is only necessary to blend the cement inside into colored, without expensive equipment and laying costs. Save money, convenience, beauty, and practicality.

Step1 - Ensure that your path or patio lies flat.
Step2 - Mark out your path or patio to let you know where to start and stop.
Step3 - Mix cement with water and sand.
Step4 - Place the mould at the start of the path, fill the mould with finished wet concrete plenty and smooth off the surface of the mould.
Step5 - Take the mould away and place it in the next position (Don't wait for it to complete dry, or it will be hard to remove it.)
  • Color: Black.

  • Material: PP.

  • Size: 35 x 35 x 3.6cm(AS) /30x 30x 4.5cm(G) / 45 x 40x 4cm(F).

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